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Introductory specials for new cryotherapy clients

First Time Specials

  • Whole Body Cryotherapy Session $40

If you’re new to Revital Ice, or new to one of our amazing health and beauty sessions, take advantage of our First Time specials. They’re good for your first visit only, or your first time with a new session.

San Diego CryotherapyWhole Body Cryotherapy

Whole body Cryotherapy sessions include an equal number of complimentary Whole Body Vibration sessions.

  • Single Session $49

Local Cryotherapy

  • local-cryotherapySingle Session $30

  • Package of 10 Sessions $280

Revital Ice Cryo Signature Facials

cryo-facial-2Take $5 off with a Whole Body Cryotherapy Session. 

  • Single Session $45

  • Package of 3 Sessions $120

  • Package of 5 Sessions $190

  • Package of 10 Sessions $340

Hand Rejuvenation

hand-rejuvenationTake $5 off with a Whole Body Cryotherapy Session

  • Single Session $30

Flotation Sessions

All float sessions come with an equal number of complimentary Vibration Training sessions!


  • Single Session $55

  • Package of 5 Sessions $225 (save $50!)

  • Package of 10 Sessions $390 (save $160!)


revital ice Compression Therapy San DiegoCompression Therapy

Our Compression Therapy sessions apply the latest technology to lymphatic drainage and massage techniques. Because of gravity, our lifestyles, the food we eat, and the pollution in the air we breathe, our lymphatic drainage systems get blocked. We slow down and fluid accumulates in our lower extremities.

Your session will last for about 30 minutes. When you’re done with your session, you’ll have 5 minutes to relax and re-enter the world.


  • Single Session 30 Minutes $20

  • Single Session 60 Minutes $35


Whole Body Vibration Sessions

temp-vibrationWe offer whole body vibration sessions complimentary with any full body cryotherapy and any float session. A vibration session lasts 5 minutes.


  • Single Session $10

  • 20 Sessions $170



infrared-saunaFar Infrared Sauna Sessions

Heat your body from the inside, release toxins, and increase your metabolism! Our far infrared sauna will help you reduce stress and release toxins. Try a sauna session after whole body cryotherapy to really boost your metabolism. Far Infrared sauna sessions are 30 minutes long.


  • Single Session $35

  • 5 Sessions $99

  • 10 sessions $179

  • Unlimited (1 month) $199

Gifts Cards Available For All Revital Ice Services

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Cryotherapy Corporate Memberships In San Diego


revital ice cyrotherapy corporate membership

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